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Citizens High School offers multiple ways for you to earn an accredited diploma, or to just take some classes to supplement your program at another school.

CHS Online Diploma for College Flex - 24 Credits

Take some of your courses with Citizens and earn a diploma from us. 

This option is for the student that is seeking an accredited high school diploma from Citizens, while enjoying the flexibility to earn credits from other schools or providers.

Highlights include:

  • Available to any student in the world
  • Regionally and Nationally Accredited High School Diploma
  • Self-Paced Curriculum - You choose your pace based on your learning style
  • Flexibility - Learn when it is most convenient for you
  • Choice - Wide selection of courses to choose from
  • Expert Guidance - Faculty members that provide individual engagement and instruction
  • Language learning aids available
  • College seeking students 24 Credits
  • Print Version available for those who prefer to complete the course Offline

A minimum of 25% of credits must be earned from Citizens Online High School to receive diploma. 

25% equals 6 credits for the 24 credit program.